Below are exemplars our community has been working with. Thanks to all of the teachers who have taken these materials into their classrooms and shared feedback.

Grade Exemplar
Prek-2 No David
3rd Whatif
3rd Fidgety Philip
3rd Because of Winn Dixie (SAP)
4th Farewell Speech
5th President’s Message
6th The Making of a Scientist (SAP)
6th The Great Fire (SAP)
6th The Voice that Changed a Nation (Aspen Institute)
7th The Glorious Whitewashing (SAP)
8th The Long Night of the Little Boats (SAP)
8th Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas (SAP)
11-12 Living Like Weasels (SAP)
HS Can We Make our Students Smarter (by Angela Orr)

2 Responses to Exemplars

  1. Rachael Whitten says:

    When I click on pre-k-2 “No, David” the 3rd grade Whatif” pulls up

  2. Rachael Whitten says:

    Problem solved!

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