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Common Core Lesson Demonstrations

As part of the NBC Education Nation 2013 Summit, a Common Core Teacher Institute was included to demonstrate Common Core lessons for ELA/literacy and math. Viewers can watch and download a 2nd grade read-aloud lesson—When Charlie McButton Lost Power; a … Continue reading

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Realizing the Common Core Summit

The Contra Costa County Office of Education hosted the San Francisco Bay Area Common Core State Standards Summit: Realizing the Common Core. The Summit included keynotes by William McCallum, lead writer of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics; Deborah … Continue reading

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Common Core & Curriculum Controversies

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute hosted a webinar on Common Core and the Curriculum Controversies associated with their adoption. Moderator Mike Petrilli’s first hour was spent with Common Core math author Jason Zimba addressing myths and rumors surrounding the implementation … Continue reading

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What is “Developmentally Appropriate”

If you aren’t visiting Thinking Common Core, you may want to take few minutes to look over what is there.  The site curates relevant CCSS content including a recent blog post by Dr. Dan Willingham. In the post, Willingham challenges … Continue reading

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NEA Members Gather to Learn more about Washoe’s CCSS Efforts

Nevada State Education Association members met to learn more about the implementation of the Common Core in Washoe County. Participants reviewed the district’s K-6 3 Year ELA/Literacy Implementation Plan and the 2013-2014 CCSS Professional Learning Overview. You can retrieve the … Continue reading

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Teaching Students to Write Terribly

In a piece posted at Slate, writer and editor Matthew J.X. Malady, examines the writing section of the SAT. Through a series of interviews with college professors and those who prep students for the SAT, it becomes clear that the … Continue reading

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The Effects of “Praise” (and the Implications for CCSS)

In September, schools leaders engaged in a close reading of work by Carol Dweck (exemplar here) describing “fixed mindsets” and “growth mindsets.” The following video demonstrates how praising 5th graders for their intelligence versus their effort leads to the two … Continue reading

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