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More Teacher Created CK Supplements Uploaded to 63000Resources

We continue to add teacher created Core Knowledge materials to Over the winter break we posted 50 documents from Monique Scott, Heather Hanifen, Emily Poertner, and DeAnna Parker ranging from graphic organizers, to flipcharts to vocabulary cards. Since break we’ve … Continue reading

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Instructional Move 1: Text at the Center of Instruction

Positioning text so that it is at the center of instruction is challenging, to say the least. Thus, as part of Core Task Project and Core Task implementation Project trainings, specific moves have been integrated to assist with this goal. The first … Continue reading

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Integrating Fluency and Syntax Instruction with Complex Text

In the video linked here, Dr. Timothy Shanahan describes the value of students developing fluency with “hard” text and its syntax. Although the video is short, it is includes a lot of good information including a short lesson demonstration of … Continue reading

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Close Reading: Strategies and Practice

Dr. Steven Gehrke, from the University of Nevada, Reno, led Washoe educators through strategies and practice to promote the habit of close reading. Attendees worked through several poems including Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening and … Continue reading

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Complexity of What Students are Reading is Declining

NPR has posted a story describing what students are reading in out of school. Mellissa Block shares research from Renaissance Learning demonstrating that the complexity or difficulty of what students choose to read or are being assigned to read flattens … Continue reading

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Are Your Materials Aligned to CCSS?

A popular question is, “How do I know if the resources I am using are aligned to the Common Core?” One way to assist with finding this answer is to use the EQuIP Rubric for Lessons and Units (3rd through … Continue reading

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Close Reading—Six Months Later (Core Shifts Blast 13)

Core Shifts Blast 13 focuses on close reading and what the district and the Curriculum & Instruction Department have learned over the last six months. Kim Price, a Common Core Champion and 4th grade teacher at Echo Loder Elementary, shares … Continue reading

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