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Instructional Move 4: Close Reading

Three years ago, as I started my first work around close reading, Google searches revealed almost nothing. There were a couple of videos and some books but none of these were created specifically for a K-12 audience. Now, of course, there is … Continue reading

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Instructional Move 5: Teaching Conflict & Characterization

Jon Corippo, Apple Distinguised Educator and Google Certified Teacher, describes how he teaches students to identify the five types of conflict within text. Begin watching Corippo’s explanation at minute 9:55 for full context or at minute 12:25 if you simply … Continue reading

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CCSS Instructional Practice Guide Coaching, Released

The Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching tool is for teachers, and those who support teachers, to build understanding and experience with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned instruction. Designed as a developmental tool, the coaching tool can be used for collaboration, coaching, … Continue reading

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Instructional Move 6: Four Corners

If you have taken part in a Core Task Project training, then you know we typically start with the Four Corners activity. The website does a nice job summarizing the move as follows: A Four Corners Debate requires students … Continue reading

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