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Increasing Students’ Engagement with Complex Texts

If you have been looking for informational texts for elementary students, the following free resource might help. FYI for Kids is a collection of magazine articles to increases “students’ engagement and proficiency with complex text.” The digital collection features a menu … Continue reading

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This Blog takes to Twitter

Although the blog links to Twitter,  Tweets were made only to update followers about posts on this site. This will change. Interested readers can follow coretaskproject to see content directly linked to Common Core and articles related to education. Follow here.

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Guide to Close Reading

Tennessee has created a Guide to Close Reading that answers the following questions: What is close reading? Why is close reading important? How is close reading done? The guide answers these questions with explicit links to the standards, assessment, and lifelong … Continue reading

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Free Resources to Build Foundational Skills and Content Knowledge

Finding materials that are free, vetted, and well-matched to the Common Core is a popular request. One set of free resources, that build content knowledge (shift 1) while simultaneously addressing foundational skills are the Beginning Reads, from There are … Continue reading

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The “Bureaucratic Machine”

In a Ted Talk, Sugata Mitra who started the Hole-in-the-Wall project, reveals the impetus for the modern school—which began three hundred years ago. He describes how the British Empire needed a way to keep track of an enormous expanse of … Continue reading

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SEL and Common Core Instruction

At Sustaining Momentum, CASEL’s Cross-Districts Learning Event in Nashville, Tennessee, educational leaders learned how Washoe is integrating Social Emotional Learning with Common Core instruction. The following PowerPoint was shared as well as Washoe’s SEL Standards Matrix and the Instructional Practice … Continue reading

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Lesson Plan: Characterization

In the previous post, a video of Jon Corippo is tagged describing how educators can introduce and scaffold students to the successful understanding of conflict. Further into the video, Corippo describes a process helping students with characterization. Corippo has generously … Continue reading

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