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Caughlin Ranch Elementary CK Overview Materials

Staff at Caughlin Ranch Elementary learned more about the Core Knowledge curricular materials and about sites currently working with the resource. The session included some learning on why you would build a coherent body of knowledge followed by teachers hearing … Continue reading

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Dr. Catherine Snow’s Video Presentation on Vocabulary and Content Knowledge

In a video linked here (start at minute 38:46) Harvard Professor and Validation Team Member of the Common Core State Standards Dr. Catherine Snow makes the case that the vocabulary deficit that plagues highly impacted students is as much a … Continue reading

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Literacy Unit Project, Session 3

Third through fifth grade teachers continued to make progress on developing literacy units, mapped to essential understandings, that stretch across all three grades. Those EUs have been finalized and include: How does conflict and compromise shape culture? How does setting … Continue reading

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Broad Knowledge Drives Literacy

In a piece (here) included in the The Herff Jones Achievement Series, the case is made for how a “broad academic knowledge base” leads to strong literacy development. To make the point, the following example is shared: If a hunter … Continue reading

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Free Resources to Build Foundational Skills and Content Knowledge

Finding materials that are free, vetted, and well-matched to the Common Core is a popular request. One set of free resources, that build content knowledge (shift 1) while simultaneously addressing foundational skills are the Beginning Reads, from http://www.textproject.org. There are … Continue reading

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Why Knowledge Matters

In a piece for the Washington Post, cognitive scientist Dan Willingham explains why knowledge matters. He writes, “a knowledge-based curriculum… is most likely to meliorate achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students.” You can read the entire article here.

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Materials used in Shift 1 Presentation September 12, 2012

A number of Washoe educators gathered to explore Shift 1—the importance of building general content knowledge.  The discussions focused on a presentation by Robert Pondiscio, Vice President of Core Knowledge (Part I & Part II), and a review of a … Continue reading

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