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Literacy Unit Project, Session 3

Third through fifth grade teachers continued to make progress on developing literacy units, mapped to essential understandings, that stretch across all three grades. Those EUs have been finalized and include: How does conflict and compromise shape culture? How does setting … Continue reading

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Scaffolded Writing Lessons

This blog, along with the district, have been on quasi-hiatus during the winter break. We’re back to work and we’ll be focusing on writing and Core Action 2, from the Instructional Practice Guides, over the next couple of months. To … Continue reading

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Video Tutorial for the Basal Alignment Project

Teresa Hammond and Amanda Flora, from the West Virginia Department of Education, have produced a video describing how teachers can access the Basal Alignment Project resources. Additionally, the video outlines the different elements of a BAP including the front matter, … Continue reading

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Teaching American History Newsletter

The Northern Nevada Teaching American History Project has shared its most recent edition of Project Tahoe, a newsletter to support Social Studies teachers in their implementation of the Common Core. The newsletter includes teachers describing their use of close reading, … Continue reading

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Core Shifts Blast 12: Writing to Sources

The Core Shifts Blast is back with strategies, ideas, notes, and materials to match instruction to Shift 5—Writing to Sources. If you missed the writing training last month, you will find an overview of the sessions as well as links … Continue reading

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The Rise of Open Educational Resources

The Hechinger Report posted the following piece (here) on Open Educational Resources. They highlight national efforts including a number of items matched to the Common Core State Standards. Of note is this: In Wiley’s home state, 30 teachers and 6000 … Continue reading

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Edmodo Access

Many of the Edmodo groups we are using have been “locked.” This does not mean people cannot join them but it does mean that the codes listed on the blog are no longer useable. Please use the links below to … Continue reading

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