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How “Practice Retrieving It” Leads to Greater Retention

Does more studying lead to higher test scores? The answer isn’t no but it turns out that a better strategy to retain information is a combination of studying and testing. Dr. Henry Roediger, citing work done by he and his colleague … Continue reading

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PBS News Hour: CCSS

The PBS News Hour posted a measured piece on Common Core and their effectuation. Jeffery Brown interviews Claudio Sanchez of NPR, Amanda Ripley, author of “The Smartest Kids in the World” and Education Correspondent John Merrow. The panelists give greater … Continue reading

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Edmodo Access

Many of the Edmodo groups we are using have been “locked.” This does not mean people cannot join them but it does mean that the codes listed on the blog are no longer useable. Please use the links below to … Continue reading

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