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Dr. Catherine Snow’s Video Presentation on Vocabulary and Content Knowledge

In a video linked here (start at minute 38:46) Harvard Professor and Validation Team Member of the Common Core State Standards Dr. Catherine Snow makes the case that the vocabulary deficit that plagues highly impacted students is as much a … Continue reading

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Close Reading—Six Months Later (Core Shifts Blast 13)

Core Shifts Blast 13 focuses on close reading and what the district and the Curriculum & Instruction Department have learned over the last six months. Kim Price, a Common Core Champion and 4th grade teacher at Echo Loder Elementary, shares … Continue reading

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Language Diversity and Literacy Development

Harvard University’s Language Diversity and Literacy Development Research Group has released a series of one-page memos “for leaders dedicated to children’s literacy development.” There are currently 15 memos on topics including using curriculum, selecting curriculum, designing professional development, and enhancing … Continue reading

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“The Complex Matter of Text Complexity”

Robert Rothman, writing for the Harvard Education Letter, shares insight and research governing the inclusion of text complexity in the Common Core State Standards. In short, high school students are practicing with texts that are well below what they will … Continue reading

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