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Read Aloud Project Inservice, April 17th

Kindergarten through second grade teachers trained with the Read Aloud Project  (RAP) resources and with the text, Desert Giant. To give the RAP some context, and to explain why building a coherent body of knowledge is vital to comprehension, participants … Continue reading

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Broad Knowledge Drives Literacy

In a piece (here) included in the The Herff Jones Achievement Series, the case is made for how a “broad academic knowledge base” leads to strong literacy development. To make the point, the following example is shared: If a hunter … Continue reading

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CCSS and Skills Based Reading Instruction

As we move deeper into Common Core implementation, knowing the position of skills instruction and how to build a “coherent body of knowledge” becomes paramount. This was the focus of Friday’s professional learning with video from Dr. Tim Shanahan and … Continue reading

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Free Resources to Build Foundational Skills and Content Knowledge

Finding materials that are free, vetted, and well-matched to the Common Core is a popular request. One set of free resources, that build content knowledge (shift 1) while simultaneously addressing foundational skills are the Beginning Reads, from http://www.textproject.org. There are … Continue reading

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Preparing Our Students to be Informed Citizens

Robert Pondiscio, in an editorial for CNN, describes the importance of teaching civics and history in our public schools. Although the Common Core are not referenced specifically, Pondiscio helps build the case for why all of our students should have … Continue reading

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School Psychologists Review Shift 1

School district psychologist learned more about the “instructional shifts” with specific attention to shift 1—building a coherent body of knowledge with rich non-fiction text. The videos, which included a review of a MetaMetrics study and a presentation by Robert Pondiscio, … Continue reading

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Why Knowledge Matters

In a piece for the Washington Post, cognitive scientist Dan Willingham explains why knowledge matters. He writes, “a knowledge-based curriculum… is most likely to meliorate achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students.” You can read the entire article here.

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