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Core Task Project Instructional Moves Sourcebook

Over the course of the last three years, as teachers asked for assistance with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, three questions consistently came up: What is the research that governs why we are being asked to shift … Continue reading

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How to Do Common Core: Mastering Conflict

Jon Corippo, Apple Distinguised Educator and Google Certified Teacher, describes how he teaches students to identify the five types of conflict within text. Begin watching Corippo’s explanation at minute 9:55 for full context or at minute 12:25 if you simply … Continue reading

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Cultivating Wonder—Great Texts and the Questions they Inspire

Although it has not “officially” launched, readers can visit a new website, http://www.cultivatingwonder.org and learn about a resource being developed to “showcase great texts (essays, poems, excerpts from longer works) and identify simple, elegant questions for each text; questions that propel … Continue reading

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Classroom Discussions around Text

In the video linked here, Dr. David Pearson describes the value of strong classroom discussions around text. He posits that there are three elements of strong classroom discourse which include 1) Selecting texts worth discussing 2) Planning discussion questions and … Continue reading

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