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7 Word Facts and Implications for Instruction

In a presentation for Reading Plus, University of California professor and http://www.textproject.org founder Dr. Elfrieda H. Hiebert shares her “best stuff” around vocabulary and the Common Core (video here and Powerpoint here). Below are some highlights from her speech entitled, … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Breakdowns in Comprehension

It a video discussion for Reading Rockets, panelists Isabel Beck, Nanci Bell, and Sharon Walpole discuss the components for reading comprehension and share strategies to promote student learning with this outcome. At minute 3:27, Dr. Walpole explains where breakdowns in … Continue reading

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Complex Text and Annotating with Technology

Tracy Watanabe has created a post describing strategies to help students navigate complex text. The post begins with an overview of text complexity followed by resources to scaffold students to successfully working with this outcome–with suggestions for integrating technology. She … Continue reading

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How “Integration” Makes these Standards Different

Common Core State Standards work team member and CEO of http://www.textproject.org Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert takes two minutes, in the video here, to address the integration of CCSS into classroom practice. She describes a key difference between the CCSS and state … Continue reading

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Multiple Texts with Close Reading

Dr. Timothy Shanahan responds to a teacher’s question about using multiple texts with the close reading method (here) He notes that once you have read a text closely “then it is perfectly reasonable to wonder about how this work connects … Continue reading

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Complex Text: It’s Complicated

Laura Varlas shares a piece for Education Update on the importance of text complexity and strategies for accessing standard 10 (here). She underscores the importance of keeping instruction anchored in the text with these notes: Instructional time: Complex texts take time, … Continue reading

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In 77 Seconds: Accessible vs. Dumbed-Down Text

Dr. Freddy Hiebert takes literally 77 seconds to compare accessible and dumbed-down text. She notes that dumbed-down text relies on short sentences, bizarre topics , and phonetically regular words. This is contrasted with assessable text that Hiebert defines as complex … Continue reading

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Shanahan on CCSS Policy (Webinar)

Text Project has posted a free webinar on the Common Core with CCSS Work Team member Dr. Timothy Shanahan (here).  Shanahan moves viewers through some familiar stuff including the genesis of CCSS and the “Big Changes to ELA.” The changes … Continue reading

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Text Complexity and the Common Core

MetaMetrics recorded a webinar on Valentines describing the importance of text complexity and the Common Core. Specific topics that may interest readers have been marked below. Minute 6:45 The Crisis of Text Complexity High school textbooks have declined in all … Continue reading

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What Principals Need to Successfully Implement CCSS

Mel Riddile, in a piece for the National Association of Secondary School Principals, describes the skills school leaders will need in order to be successfully implement the CCSS. Riddile highlights a number of ideas including “Students will be expected to … Continue reading

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