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Using Kohlberg’s 6 Moral Principles in the Classroom Presentation Materials

At Washoe County School District’s conference, MTSS in Action: Strengthening the Relations between Students and Educators around Academic and Behavior Performance, I shared a session on using Kohlberg’s 6 Moral Principles in the classroom. The idea came from former classroom … Continue reading

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Using Bloomboard to Promote Professional Learning

I recently started making regular visits to the website https://next.bloomboard.com/. I like the site because professional experiences have been curated around content directly matched to the classroom. Topics include early literacy, writing, classroom management, planning, Shakespeare, blended learning, Project Based … Continue reading

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Instructional Move Number 9: Keep It Or Junk It

Two years ago I posted on a move titled, Keep It or Junk It. The approach has students identifying vocabulary from a text they feel is relevant to answering a focus question instead of the teacher prioritizing words for the … Continue reading

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Common Core Lesson Demonstrations

As part of the NBC Education Nation 2013 Summit, a Common Core Teacher Institute was included to demonstrate Common Core lessons for ELA/literacy and math. Viewers can watch and download a 2nd grade read-aloud lesson—When Charlie McButton Lost Power; a … Continue reading

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Contra Costa Trains on the CTP

The Contra Costa County Office of Education sponsored a training on the Core Task Project to assist with refining and aligning instruction to the Core. Close to 100 educators, from the region, gathered to move through the first day of … Continue reading

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Writing to Sources Training Materials

This week, fifth grade teacher teams, from Washoe’s 63 elementary schools, have been training on Shift 5: Writing to Sources.  The training, which addresses the NV-DOE required formative writing task, integrates discussion around the CCSS and SBAC rubrics as well … Continue reading

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ELL Quarterly Meeting February 12, 2013

At the secondary ELL Quarterly Meeting, EL instructors reviewed the close reading strategy and a close reading exemplar. You can find the PowerPoint here and the lesson here.

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Close Reading Exemplar Updated

The close reading exemplar, The President’s Message, used during the November 29th training has been updated and retitled. Thank you to the teachers who shared feedback and suggestions for editing. You can find the new version here. Given the content … Continue reading

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