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Spanish Springs HS Students Explain SBAC and Field Testing

Students at Spanish Springs High School created a terrific video to explain the new Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC) test. The video is clear and on point in helping all stakeholders understand the implications of SBAC and the field testing … Continue reading

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Performance Tasks, an Overview (samples linked)

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has produced a video tutorial describing Performance Tasks. A Performance Task “measures capabilities such as depth of understanding, research skills, and/or complex analysis with relevant evidence.” There will be one Performance Task per content area … Continue reading

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Free Programs to Help Students Learn to Type

As many of you know, portions of the 2014-2015 PARCC and SBAC assessments will require students to type their responses to questions. (You can take the SBAC practice test here.) Consequently, there is a renewed push to help students become … Continue reading

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Your Common Core Questions, Answered

During David Liben’s visit to Reno, he took some time to answer questions that educators in our community either emailed or posted on this blog. The questions are listed below with the link to the answers on Youtube. Liben, the … Continue reading

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August 2nd A&S Meeting Materials

The Instructional Practice Guides were included in the August 2nd Administrative and Supervisory meeting. For the 400 in attendance, work centered on learning the context and basic construct of the guides before engaging in an application piece. You can download … Continue reading

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Site Leads Prepare for August 8th

On August 8th, Washoe will launch its K-6 CCSS professional development calendar with a day devoted to literacy outcomes.  Site leads worked with personnel from Curriculum & Instruction to preview “sessions” (here) and get a basic feel for the structure … Continue reading

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Common Core Test Costs

EdWeek reports on what it will costs states, per student, to administer their exams in ELA and math. For PARCC, this works out to be $29.50 per student and for SBAC, $22.50 per student. For an additional $4.80 per student, … Continue reading

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