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Instructional Practice Guide & Accountable Talk Crosswalk

Bonnie Krupa, the Instructional Coach at Sparks Middle School, has created a crosswalk between the Core Actions within the Instructional Practice Guides (IPGs) and Accountable Talk Moves. The document assists in describing the explicit link between what the Common Core … Continue reading

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Principal Leadership Focused on the Instructional Shifts

The Wallace Foundation, in collaboration with the Council of Great City Schools, has shared a report describing the “changing role of principal supervisors” in the publication “Rethinking Leadership.” The report is especially insightful for leaders navigating the implementation of the … Continue reading

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Realizing the Common Core Summit

The Contra Costa County Office of Education hosted the San Francisco Bay Area Common Core State Standards Summit: Realizing the Common Core. The Summit included keynotes by William McCallum, lead writer of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics; Deborah … Continue reading

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SAP/Danielson Group Training Overview

Educators gathered to review content from the Student Achievement Partner and Danielson Group training (blog post here) from September 25th and 26th.  The morning started with a chance to watch the Charlotte Danielson Keynote (video here) that launched a project … Continue reading

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Administrative & Supervisory Meeting, September 13th

Close reading, Growth Mindset, and Core Actions 1 and 3, from the Instructional Practice Guides (IPG), were the focus on the most recent A&S meeting. Elementary principals applied the IPG with video of Washoe 3rd grade teacher Chris Hayes filmed … Continue reading

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Shift 6 Focus: Direct and Indirect Vocabulary Instruction

“Students who have a high vocabulary, tend to be very good comprehenders” begins a video on the value of vocabulary instruction by Dr. Nell Duke.  In the six-minute clip, several important strategies are suggested with evidence to support. They include … Continue reading

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2013-2014 Professional Development ‘Sessions’

Washoe’s elementary teachers worked through a number of Common Core sessions as part of the district’s professional development launch. The sessions, all of which can be accessed on Edmodo (group link here) include content to connect to CCSS in the … Continue reading

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