62 6th through 10th Grade ELA Lessons Uploaded to 63000resources.com

As part of the Anthology Alignment Project, educators created sixty-two lessons matched to the Holt Elements of Literature—works based on some great writings. For those of you unfamiliar with the AAP, hundreds of teachers worked collaboratively to develop these materials, following deep training on the Common Core by Student Achievement Partners. Each lesson has been authored, edited, and reviewed by a team of teachers. You download the lessons here which include titles by Frederick Douglas, Sandra Cisneros, Walter Dean Myers, John Keats, Francisco Jimenez, Albert Einstein and many others.

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Session 2 Materials from Literacy Unit Project

Teachers in grade 3rd through 5th gathered for the second session of the Literacy Unit Project. The aim of this endeavor is to have two to four units, matched to Enduring Understandings that stretch across all three grades, by the spring of 2015. The units will borrow from well-vetted resources and will involve curriculum development to fill gaps where materials for the units are absent or weak. Further the units will reinforce dispositions and habits outlined in the front matter of the Common Core State Standards.

The second session focused on using the EQuiP Rubric, finalizing the Enduring Understandings, and reviewing current Washoe County work to build from what is already happening in our classrooms. You can review the resources shared in the session below.

Literacy Units Project Session 2 PowerPoint

A Close Read of the New Colossus

EQuiP ELA Rubric Discussion Guide

EQuiP ELA Rubric

EU Refinement Document

I Used to Think and Now I Think

Introduction to the EQuiP Rubric PowerPoint

Unit Themes Brainstorm Notetaker

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Session Materials from DC CTP

Washington D.C. educators gathered for a second time to work through materials that have been vetted through the Core Task and Core Task implementation Project. The three-hour session focused on text complexity and text-dependent questions. The work of bringing CTP to DC is part of the Teachers and Principals of Pupils Promise grant.

You can review the session resources in the links below.

DC Core Task Project PowerPoint

Brief Guide to Writing Text-Dependent Questions

ACT Reading Report

Message to the Grassroots by Malcolm X

Text Complexity Qualitative Measures Rubric

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Presentation Materials: Elementary SEL/Student Voice and Academic Integration Training

Kate Crist helped bridge Common Core State Standards and Social Emotional Learning Standards in a presentation at the Elementary SEL/Student Voice and Academic Integration Training. Kate used the instructional move, Keep It or Junk it with an article by Vicki Zakrzewski (here) to demonstrate how to incorporate the Instructional Practice Guides and the SEL standards. You can retrieve the presentation materials below.

SEL & ELA/Literacy CCSS PowerPoint

How to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning into Common Core

Core Task Project Instructional Moves Sourcebook

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Core Task Project Instructional Moves Sourcebook

Over the course of the last three years, as teachers asked for assistance with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, three questions consistently came up:

  • What is the research that governs why we are being asked to shift instruction?
  • What curricular resources will support our move to the CCSS? and
  • What instructional moves are well matched to the CCSS?

The first two questions have answers at the site www.coretaskproject.com and at the parallel space, www.63000resources.com.

The third question, however, was not well addressed and thus the impetus for this Sourcebook. Listed below are 10 moves educators can take into their classrooms. Each move comes with a short description, links to resources and where applicable, video lesson demonstrations.

This document will likely be updated over the next few months so note the version you are using in the footer and check either www.coretaskproject.com or www.63000resources.com for the most current version. The moves include:

  • Cold Call
  • Keep It Or Junk It
  • Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up
  • Quiz, Quiz, Trade
  • Four Corners
  • Teaching Conflict & Characterization
  • Close Reading
  • You, Y’all, We
  • Stop and Jot
  • Text at the Center of Instruction

You can find the Sourcebook here.

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Evidence and Argument

Dr. Michael Kamil, Emeritus Professor at Stanford University and contributing author to the ELA Common Core State Standards, explains what students need to know about evidence. He notes that research about argumentation and citing evidence indicates that schools are not teaching these skills, regardless of content area (including science), and that even if we were, it takes a long time for students to secure this outcome.

At minute 2:57, Kamil outlines what an argument is and breaks down its components into: Topic or main contention; claims about the topic; evidence for the claims; and a warrant explaining how the evidence supports the claims. At minute 4:38, we learn what evidence is and strategies to help students differentiate between claims supported by evidence and claims that are not. Then, at minute 11:50, Kamil describes warrants and ways to evaluate them.

One strategy that Kamil promotes, to assist in pulling all these elements together, is the Inquiry Chart Template (14:09) that you can learn more about here.

Kamil’s entire video presentation is located here.

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Core Task implementation Project Session 2 Materials

For session two to the Core Task implementation Project (CTiP), educators focused on the Speaking and Listening Standards, Accountable Talk, and the instructional move Quiz, Quiz, Trade. Teachers reflected on actions steps from session one and district supported curricular resources.

Linked below are the materials shared in the eight sessions that started September 30th and end October 16th. The 3rd through 5th grade lesson demonstration is linked in the PowerPoint.

CTiP Session 2 PowerPoint Grades K-2/3

CTiP Session 2 PowerPoint Grades 3-5

Accountable Talk Stems & 3 Parts

Accountable Talk Card Templates

Accountable Talk Sourcebook

CTiP Reflection Notetaker

CTiP Focus Student Data Sheet

In a World… Icebreaker

Quiz, Quiz, Trade (in print format) CTiP S&L Cards

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