Washoe Shares CCSS Implementation Efforts with NV LCE

Several Washoe educators had the opportunity to describe the district’s implementation efforts around the Nevada Academic Content Standards and the Common Core to the Nevada Legislative Committee on Education. The presentation outlined how Washoe has leveraged free resources and internal professional development as a means to address these new outcomes. The brief 20 minute presentation (here) included key features of the Core Task Project, a link to Washoe teachers describing the implications for their students, and reference to the Washoe created 4th grade social studies unit, Conflict and Compromise: a Study of Diverse Viewpoints of Nevada’s Native People and Settlers.

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Superintendent of Public Instruction Erquiaga on Common Core

Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga was recently interviewed on KNPR’s State of Nevada. The interview provides context for why Nevada adopted the Common Core State Standards (minute 1:26), the potential impact on student learning (4:43), and some of the issues that have challenged Nevada’s educational system (7:52). You can listen to the full interview here.

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Nevada Ready! Facebook Page is Live

The Nevada Ready! Facebook page is live. The page serves as a place for educators, parents, and community leaders to learn more about the Nevada Academic Content Standards. You can find the page hereNevada Ready!

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Read Aloud Project Inservice, April 17th

Kindergarten through second grade teachers trained with the Read Aloud Project  (RAP) resources and with the text, Desert Giant. To give the RAP some context, and to explain why building a coherent body of knowledge is vital to comprehension, participants read through passages by Deborah Meiers and Robert Pondiscio and watched a video of Dr. Daniel Willingham.  This was followed by working with RAP materials including the text complexity rubric. You can find the video and articles linked in the PowerPoint (here), the graphic organizer (here), and all of the Read Aloud Project lessons in the ELA tab here.

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Enhancing Professional Learning through Twitter Chats

If you have a Twitter account, you may want to participate in Twitter Chats to promote your own professional learning. The chats are free and run the full breath of educational outcomes including Common Core, Art, 21st Century Learning, Educational Leadership, Special Education, etc…. The number of facilitated chats is close to 300 and is another way to enhance educational outcomes through social media. The full list of ed chats can be found here.

As some of you may have noticed, there are fewer posts to this blog. This has a lot to do with the fact that https://twitter.com/coretaskproject has become a big part of how we are directing educators to relevant video, print, and audio content. You can subscribe to our Twitter feed here.

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Resources from April 12th

At the Core Advocate conference in Chicago, the following PowerPoint and Word document were shared. The PowerPoint and Word document help frame part of Washoe’s implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

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The Business Roundtable and their Endorsement of CCSS

The Business Roundtable and their Endorsement of CCSS

If you have wondered why the business community has endorsed the Common Core, you can learn why in a video posted here. At minute 21:10, Scott Fast, Executive Director of Accenture Foundation outlines why the Business Roundtable has lent their support. Among the reasons

  • The standards are clear and concise
  • The standards are grounded in evidence
  • The standards are internationally benchmarked and
  • The standards deal honestly with the remediation issue in states

Fast’s comments end at minute 27:00 and are worth a watch/listen to have a better understanding of why the Roundtable, as well as other corporations, has rallied around these outcomes.

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