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‘Being smart isn’t all you need to succeed’

In a blog post for the Hechinger Report, writer Anya Kamenetz connects Social Emotional Learning and academic success. She writes, “Non-cognitive or meta-cognitive skills such as self-awareness, self-control, empathy, communication and cooperation ” deserve being measured and taught in our schools. It’s a … Continue reading

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CCSS and Skills Based Reading Instruction

As we move deeper into Common Core implementation, knowing the position of skills instruction and how to build a “coherent body of knowledge” becomes paramount. This was the focus of Friday’s professional learning with video from Dr. Tim Shanahan and … Continue reading

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PBS News Hour: CCSS

The PBS News Hour posted a measured piece on Common Core and their effectuation. Jeffery Brown interviews Claudio Sanchez of NPR, Amanda Ripley, author of “The Smartest Kids in the World” and Education Correspondent John Merrow. The panelists give greater … Continue reading

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Resources for the Common Core State Standards

The Wyoming Department of Education has shared “Resources for the Common Core State Standards.” The pdf is divided into three sections for parents, teachers, and leaders. You can visit the site and download the document here.

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Close Reading: How is it Taught?

Dr. Louisa Moats, contributing author to the Common Core State Standards, answers the question here.

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Writing with the Common Core

http://www.sharemylesson.com, the website created by the American Federation of Teachers, has enlisted the aide of a number of distinguished academics to assist with the implementation of the Common Core.  Dr. Louisa Moats, a contributing writer of the Common Core State … Continue reading

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Accountable Talk to Support the Common Core

As part of the Core Task implementation Project (CTiP), classroom teachers worked with the Accountable Talk Sourcebook. The sourcebook is a rich resource and complements many of the indicators within the Instructional Practice Guides (And it’s free!). For those interested … Continue reading

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How Writing can Improve Reading

In a guide shared by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Alliance for Excellent Education, Vanderbilt professors Steve Graham and Michael Hebert describe the evidence for how writing can improve reading. Among the recommendations: Have Students Write About … Continue reading

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Principal Leadership Focused on the Instructional Shifts

The Wallace Foundation, in collaboration with the Council of Great City Schools, has shared a report describing the “changing role of principal supervisors” in the publication “Rethinking Leadership.” The report is especially insightful for leaders navigating the implementation of the … Continue reading

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The Effects of “Praise” (and the Implications for CCSS)

In September, schools leaders engaged in a close reading of work by Carol Dweck (exemplar here) describing “fixed mindsets” and “growth mindsets.” The following video demonstrates how praising 5th graders for their intelligence versus their effort leads to the two … Continue reading

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