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Access to Common Core Edmodo Groups

Access to 11 popular Edmodo groups can be gained by using the links and codes in a document linked here. The groups include the social studies units and social studies close reading examples; SAP’s Basal Alignment Project and Anthology Alignment … Continue reading

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Teaching Annotation

Annotation seems to be a popular subject judging from the email I received asking for direction with this instructional approach. The following might help. In an article that appeared in The Reading Teacher, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey describe a … Continue reading

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‘How to Annotate’

A popular request from the Instructional Practice Guide session were the annotations posters featured in the intermediate grade video (here). Although we do not have copies of the posters, we did capture images of the posters and have posted them … Continue reading

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2013-2014 Professional Development ‘Sessions’

Washoe’s elementary teachers worked through a number of Common Core sessions as part of the district’s professional development launch. The sessions, all of which can be accessed on Edmodo (group link here) include content to connect to CCSS in the … Continue reading

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More Social Studies Close Reading Examples Added

Our Social Studies Coordinators have added an additional 6th Grade Close Reading Folder to Edmodo. Presently, it includes Close Readings on Hammurabi’s Code, Spartan Families, and the Iliad. Teachers will be adding close readings to this folder throughout the school … Continue reading

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Ughh. We have a “Bug”

Many of you have been trying unsuccessfully to join the Edmodo group that houses the August 8th Professional Development sessions. This, as Edmodo has let us know, is because of a “bug” on their end which makes it impossible for … Continue reading

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Toolkits and Guides for the CCSS

The current issue of Implementing the Common Core Standards (ICCS) features the TOOLKIT for Evaluating Alignment of Instructional and Assessment Materials to the Common Core State Standards developed by Student Achievement Partners and the CCSSO. The purpose of the document, … Continue reading

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August 2nd A&S Meeting Materials

The Instructional Practice Guides were included in the August 2nd Administrative and Supervisory meeting. For the 400 in attendance, work centered on learning the context and basic construct of the guides before engaging in an application piece. You can download … Continue reading

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‘Favorite ELA CCSS Resources’

Rebecca Eastland has created a list of “Favorite ELA CCSS Resources” that include links to helpful sites, information that supports close reading, this blog (thank you!) and other free materials. Eastland’s list can be found here.

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Site Leads Prepare for August 8th

On August 8th, Washoe will launch its K-6 CCSS professional development calendar with a day devoted to literacy outcomes.  Site leads worked with personnel from Curriculum & Instruction to preview “sessions” (here) and get a basic feel for the structure … Continue reading

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