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Big Ideas Underlying the Common Core

In a piece for EdWeek, Sarah Sparks reports on the research “infusing” Common Core. The story is a reminder that many of the practices we currently employ remain completely appropriate. It also serves as a reminder that some things may … Continue reading

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Cautions about CCSS Implementation

In an archived webinar, educational consultant and author Grant Wiggins provides two key cautions as educators work with the Common Core. The first of these stem from a teacher’s temptation to over scaffold for children (minute 11:00). He argues that to … Continue reading

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K-2 Edmodo Resource Folder Added

Kindergarten Program Coordinator, Kacey Edgington, has created an Edmodo folder for those working with early literacy outcomes. You will find a number of helpful resources aligned to K-2 outcomes and you will be able to participate in conversations related to … Continue reading

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An Authentic Close Read

In a video on Youtube, a teacher posted her use of the close reading strategy with Martin Luther King’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.” The video is as authentic as you can get with students wrestling with a series of … Continue reading

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Linking Instruction and Assessment

During the Hug Vertical meeting, we facilitated a conversation linking the “instructional shifts” and SBAC, to sound assessment and classroom practices. Explicit in the message is that the shifts enable us to reach the standards, the coming 2014-2015 assessment and materials … Continue reading

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Text Complexity and Emergent and Early Readers

Are you curious about increasing rigor and text complexity for emergent and early readers? Core Shift Blast 6 offers some help in this area and includes field notes from Sun Valley kindergarten teacher Laurie Johns. Click here to read the … Continue reading

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6th Grade Teachers Train on Shift 1 and the BAP

On Election Day, 6th grade middle school teachers gathered to learn more about Shift 1—building a coherent body of knowledge—and the Basal Alignment Project. The 6th grade BAP code for Edmodo is 4k33tz. If you are unfamiliar with Edmodo, you … Continue reading

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The BAP in Boston Public Schools

The following post is written by Sandra Bergantz, a 5th grade teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Sandra worked in Washoe last year and attended the Title Core Task Project trainings in May. She is using the Basal Alignment Project … Continue reading

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North Carolina’s Live Binder

With some frequency, this blog links to resources developed by North Carolina. For example the Progression View (here), the ELA Text Exemplars document (here) and a letter from David Burleson (here) are all items that support the move to the … Continue reading

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